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Who we are


The Cedar Foundation for Education (CFE) is a non-profit organization, founded by professor Dr Mohammad Akkach, which is recognized by the Lebanese Home Affairs Minister. More than three-fourths of our contribution are made by people and institutions who are drawn to our missions. Donations are then the first fundraising source of the CFE.

Our aims


The Cedar Foundation for Education aims to open up better professional chances for lebanese students, by helping them to developp their abilities. We accompany students from high school, providing them academic support, helping them to prepare their baccalaureate examination.  We further offer higher education opportunities at recognized Lebanese universities.  More than this, our foundation offers scholarships to realize the dream of brilliant students to do their PhD studies at European and American universities.


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Academic support for

High School students

Academic Support aims to help you develop effective approaches to your learning, and to improve skills and understandings that are relevant both to your studies and your professional future. You will be able explore and find support in all High school subjects. Our foundation gives particular attention to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. One-to-one sessions may be offered to these students, including baccalaureate preparation courses. We have at our disposal a directory of teachers to be consulted, according to your geographical location. CFE undertakes to cover all or part of the courses fees.

Bachelor/Master’s degree


The CFE also offers baccalaureate graduates the opportunity to study at recognized Lebanese universities. They are awarded to the best students applying each year, at a rate of 20 awards per year. This funding will usually pay university fees and also provide a stipend for living costs, depending on eligibility. These offers are provided with the aim to allow students to be fully focused on their studies.



Higher education experts around the world share what they believe to be the main benefits of studying abroad including experience in a global hub, and developing language skills via immersion in an international experience. Our foundation offers phd studentships in a range of subject areas in Lebanon or abroad (Europe, US), at a rate of 4 awards per year. These offers are open to students with outstanding backgrounds, preferably having already contributed to a publication (article, poster) or oral communication. Experiences abroad are particularly appreciated.


“I am thoroughly enjoying studying at the American University of Beirouth, thanks to the the Cedar Foundation for Education support.”

Bachelor degree student, American University of Beirut

“During secondary school, I had a lot of struggles with science subjects. Thanks to the academic support that CFE provided me, I learned how to overcome my hardships, and passed my baccalaureate with distinction.”

High school student, Zahle Public High School




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